Jackson Pollock goes surfing, or is it Jack Johnson

Having some fun with the Thinking Rabbits. Conceptually I have sent them surfing on boards that cannot be repaired and have therefore been upcycled into art works.


Contemporary abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock, known for his drip painting technique, found himself leaving New York and spending some time in Kommetjie. Now Kommetjie is known for its surf, flora, and cool music vibes. So, we thought maybe we could extend the title from Jackson Pollock to Jack Johnson, and wouldn’t it be cool if he came to test our waves and play with local musicians Jeremy Loops and Sean Koch? Come on down this way, Jack or buy this crazy rabbit and support a local young person to attend a design academy.  Oh, we are hoping you will visit our spot. Anyone know Jack Johnson’s Instagram handle – please forward to him.

Gill Allderman

Gill is a contemporary artist using mixed media to create works on paper, canvas, and other formats – and now surfboards! Gill has exhibited locally and internationally and is presently doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at Michaelis, UCT.

Instagram: @alldermanart

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All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.