Miss Information

Miss Information has two distinctly different ears, glitter hands and eyelashes, and is aesthetically informed by the upbeat designs of USA designer Betsey Johnson. I find it interesting that a rabbit was the sculpture of choice for this assignment, and I am acutely aware of the use of rabbit fur in the fashion industry, which is similar to the abuse of geese for their down. Not every consumer acknowledges these ongoing crimes against the natural world. Miss Information is tarted up and ready to party but is she really “thinking” or is she enjoying her egocentric life at the expense of our environment and at the expense of other sentient beings?

My thoughts wandered to the actual production (or mass production) of the rabbit sculptures and thinking of the many thousands – if not hundreds of thousands of these specific rabbits that were manufactured in Asia. The white collar and cuffs contrast with the multi-coloured top that the rabbit is wearing to create a sense of the old school or old fashioned trend that makes a comeback every other season. I really enjoyed adorning this rabbit and would happily have it as a permanent fixture in my own home. The material I used for this rabbit was enamel and varnish.

Susan Proctor Hume

Susan Proctor Hume is a polemical and conceptual artist who is self-taught and started her art career in 2014. Her preferred mediums are ceramic, paper collage, oils, and oil stick.  Her work has been exhibited and is collected in USA, UK, France, SA, Australia, Germany & Holland.

Instagram: @susan_proctor_humeartist

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