Scarlet Algae

Being presented with The Thinking Rabbit as a canvas, Nicolette’s algae prints made from seaweed and algae she sourced on Kommetjie beach and printed on handmade paper, became the veiny skin of the rabbit, both representing this beautiful place the Kommetjie artists call home, and Nicolette’s work.

Nicolette Geldenhuys

Nicolette Geldenhuys focuses on printmaking, but she works across media, incorporating collage, painting, and drawing, to produce varied edition work. She is a part of The Printing Girls, an all-female printmaking collective, and she has exhibited at various galleries in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, and Cape Town. Nicolette’s work conjures up dreamlike states of searching and being. She’s been heavily influenced by her surroundings since moving to Kommetjie almost 3 years ago and the local fauna and flora that so influences her daily life, has found its way into her work.

Instagram: @nicolettegeldenhuys

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