Unsung heroes – SOLD

Fhatuwani Mukheli (Artist)


It’s difficult to describe Fhatuwani Mukheli in just a few words. More than an artist, he is also a storyteller, a conversation starter, and in many ways, a pioneer. His work focuses largely on capturing reality; depicting the raw and honest moments in the world he sees around him. Through this approach, he showcases a unique point of view to local and international audiences. His chair is no different. Set against a vibrant fabric, graffiti dominates the design, illustrating new ways that street art can live in the home. ‘The chair was inspired by the time I spent at my grandmother’s house in Venda,’ says Fhatuwani. ‘She had blankets that had the same pattern as the one I chose for the chair and that’s a pattern that is very popular in my community, so I thought I could use something that would remind kids from townships and rural areas of their upbringing.’ Fhatuwani included a portrait of a woman to represent the unsung heroes who are living in townships and villages. ‘It’s a way of showing to our mothers and grandmothers that we see them and appreciate them,’ he says.