Weaving imagination – SOLD

Keneilwe Mothoa (Designer)


There’s nothing reserved about Keneilwe Mothoa’s body of work. Each of her designs and projects is woven with narrative and structure, and given life with bold colour and texture. Having been well-known in fashion and interiors for several years now, she embodies the modern design vernacular down to a T. So it’s no surprise then that her chair is as striking as it is, and dares to flow from its frame in an almost organic and playful way. ‘The idea was to see beyond the chair as being an object to sit on, or how it’s used in a general way,’ says Keneilwe, ‘but rather to create a feeling, and play. This allowed me to explore different ways of adding texture and colour.’ In this way, Keneilwe gives the viewer the freedom to interpret the chair in their own way. ‘One person could look at it and see a beautiful landscape, while another person could imagine ocean corals,’ she explains, ‘so the idea was to make it interactive and allow others to be part of the process.’ The process of choosing the fabric was a consideration of the textures that would be added. ‘I wanted something that I could latch, hook or weave onto, the terracotta base fabric is a colour that I use often, and I wanted to have that link.’