My Yves Klein Rabbit (think Yves Klein’s blue paintings) has been doing some travelling.  He decided to leave France, with surfboard, to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.  He bombed out.  His board smashed in two.  Lucky he was in Japan and learned the art of Kintsugi which he adapted to repair his surfboard, but in silver, not gold, as gold belonged to South African gold medallist, Bianca Buitendag. He landed in the small village of Kommetjie, a surfing mecca for those in the know.  A bit of a sun worshiper, his Yves Klein blue is a little faded, but he feels this is his new home for now. He is happy to relocate to a new home if the price is right.

Gill Allderman

Gill is a contemporary artist using mixed media to create works on paper, canvas, and other formats – and now surfboards! Gill has exhibited locally and internationally and is presently doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at Michaelis, UCT.

Instagram: @alldermanart

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