6 – 15 May 2022

Starting bids: R3,000 each

These Thinking Rabbits were made by artists at Open Studios Kommetjie in partnership with The Thinking Fund and will be auctioned by Candice Berman Gallery to raise funds for disadvantaged students who need financial assistance towards art supplies and transport.

The auction will take place online only where prospective buyers can place ‘silent’ or anonymous bids, starting at R3000.00. The artwork is then sold to the highest bidder which will be announced on Monday 15th. Delivery included to any clients in JHB and surrounds no-charge.

This year, the bidding process will be set over one week, from the 6th of May – 15th of May. Bidding will be open throughout the period, until the event closes at midnight on the 15th of May 2022. The physical rabbits are available for viewing at the gallery at Riverside.

These fundraising efforts are important elements in the development of socially connected, resourceful young artists.

For any further information, please contact the gallery:

The Fynbos Rabbit

Artist: Laurel Holmes

This brown and white Rabbit title is Lepus indigeni. Lepus means hare and I have made up the word indigeni, for indigenous. Refers to the Cape Hare or the indigenous fynbos that I have printed from.


Highest Bid: R6,000

Moon Rabbit

Artist: Laurel Holmes

As with many depictions of animals in art, the motif of rabbits and hares has a long history rooted in religion and folklore. In both Eastern and Western art history, the rabbit or hare often represents much more than a simple depiction of the animal. Lunar calendars are often regarded as integral guides for determining an individual’s family background, future prosperity and even telling of their individual character. The hare or rabbit has been a long-held symbol of rebirth, commonly taken to represent the moon.


Highest Bid: R12,000

Miss Understood

Artist: Susan Proctor Hume

inspired by Paul Smith and Louis Vuitton

Having a background in design and materials, I took inspiration from multi-striped textiles for the rabbits left ear.  On the body of the rabbit, I dressed her in charcoal with small logos, using acrylic, metallic paint and beads to create a subtle layered effect.  The pink ear is reminiscent of pop art and the red beaded adornment gives a touch of Africa. This piece is meant to be light-hearted and uplifting.


Highest Bid: R13,000

The Thoughtful White Rabbit

Anke Ferreira (Unknown Artist)

Inspired by the journey The Thinking Fund went through diving down the Rabbit Hole, much like Alice did, with our first event in 2021. We stepped into the unknown and heard the White Rabbit’s words eco in our minds ‘we are going to be late, late for a very important date’. We gave it our all and what transpired was truly magical, much like this Rabbit.

Terms and conditions

Payment: The Purchaser with the winning bid will be notified and is required to settle all payment(s) for Artwork “The Thinking Fund Rabbit’s’ directly into the bank account of the Academy of Digital Arts.  All payment information will be provided.

Indemnity: As soon as the purchase price is paid in full, the Purchaser will become the legal owner of the Artwork and, upon such payment, the Purchaser will be responsible for the Artwork and the risk of damage to, or loss of the Artwork will pass to the Purchaser.

Delivery: The delivery of the Artwork will be for the account of the purchaser, alternatively, the purchaser can collect the Artwork from Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery “CBFAG’. If the purchaser wants delivery to be organised by CBFAG, then the purchaser will be provided with an Invoice, inclusive of a service delivery charge. Only when proof of payment has been sent to CBFAG the Artwork will be couriered accordingly.